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Frequently Asked Question!

This is an excellent question and one that I don’t take lightly.  Hopefully with enough happy customers you will trust us.

If you dont want to risk it you can always buy on eBay and be protected by “ebay moneback guarantee”:

Once i shipped your order you wont be able to reimburse it unless it never arrives or it arrives broken.

In case of reimbursement you may end up receiving a lower amount that previously payed due to price fluctuations in banano.

Remember that manufacturers wont accept bananos as a form of payment and I thus i will have to sell those bananos for stablecoins in order to not be affected with banano’s high volatility. This means that in case of reimbursement i will have to buy back bananos with the corresponding usd amount to your order, which could be more or less minus the exchange fees. Also if you payed with banano you will only be able to be reimbursed in banano.

Putting custom QR codes in the coins would make them VERY costly (about 50USD each i suspect) as they would require specific manufacturing techniques for each and every coin. I don’t know exactly how much it would cost but If you are interested anyways just send me an email and I’ll talk to some the manufacturers.

If you live in North America or Europe for example you would have to wait an initial 20 days until the coins are manufactured (It could be more, it could be less) plus the shipping time which given that I’m shipping from Argentina could take anywhere between 1-3 weeks maximum.

So more or less a month from the time of the order.

I will not be reimbursing packages that weren’t shipped with tracking as I wont be able to verify whether you are lying or not.

So I highly recommend you consider a tracking option. That way if anything were to happen I would gladly be shipping it again without cost, or reimbursing you if that were to be your desire.

Of course! If you are interested in making a wholesale order contact me! I could even personalize the design for you.

Of course! If you wish to contact me and I will make sure to send you a gift in appreciation for the beautiful project that you have created 🙂

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